Our Roots

Our candle concept was born at Max’s Taphouse in Fells Point, Baltimore, Maryland. Max’s Taphouse is consistently rated as one of the top beer bars in America, with 105 beers on tap and 5 beer engines, making multiple ‘top beer bar’ lists worldwide for decades. Annual festivals celebrating Belgian Beer, Sour Beer, German Beer and seasonal brew festivals draw visitors from all over the world.

Everything in the bar is repurposed, from the floors to the artwork on the wall. For 29 years, empty bottles were going into the landfill because glass recycling wasn’t happening on a large scale in Baltimore. This went against owner Ron Furman’s principles and caused him to search for a use for the empties. In 2015, the recycled beer bottle candle concept was born!

If you’re planning a trip to the Mid-Atlantic region, join us at Max’s Taphouse to celebrate at the birthplace of our Craft Wax Candles, enjoy a rare craft brew and even pick up a candle or two.